Scenario 2 - Acknowledging Sources

Your class has a speech to give as an assessment task. Maria presents an idea as her own original idea. Loretta knows that it isn't her idea because while researching the topic she found a blog where this idea was also mentioned.  What should Loretta do?

Create a 5 minute presentation that outlines the issues arising in the scenario. The presentation will be presented in Period 2.


1. Open the following Google Doc - it is a 'scaffold' to guide you through the process. Read through each question. Allocate some tasks to teach member of your group. The presentation should cover all the information set out in this doc.

2. Open the relevant Google Drive Folder (Select Open in Drive
Open in Drive

2. Create a new Google Slides document. Share it with each member of the group.  Name the presentation AckSources_student1_student2_student3_student4.
Create A Google Slide presentation

3. Try not to put too much text on each slide. Allocate a part of the presentation to each student. Practice your part of the presentation with your group members and be ready to present next lesson.