HSC All My Own Work
Higher School Certificate assessment tasks such as independent research projects and major works are likely to be the most challenging learning you will undertake during your time at school. HSC - All My Own Work is a short guide to help you complete your assessment tasks honestly and with confidence.

The HSC: All My Own Work program is designed to help Higher School Certificate students to follow the principles and practices of good scholarship. This includes understanding and valuing ethical practices when locating and using information as part of their HSC studies. To be eligible for the award of the Higher School Certificate, students must have completed
HSC: All My Own Work,


All My Own Work consists of 5 different modules:
  • —Scholarship principles and practices 
  • —Acknowledging sources 
  • —Plagiarism 
  • —Copyright 
  • —Working with others

SPC Requirements to complete the HSC All My Own Work.

To complete the HSC All My Own Work at the College you need to have read the Principles and Practices of Ethical Scholarship: All My Own Work booklet or the information contained in the five module areas of the website. You will work through some scenarios related to the five modules in groups and present these to the rest of your class. Each student will then sit the All My Own Work Quiz to demonstrate their understanding of the five modules. To pass the quiz students need to obtain a mark of at least 70%. Students will be able to resit the quiz if they do not reach 70% on the first attempt. A sample of quiz questions will be available prior to taking the quiz.